Universal Transport Cart UTW

For Transport of Heavy Loads

Universal Transport Carts are used to carry mainly heavy loads of any kind inhouse within buildings, for purpose of storage, dispatch or for further machining. By Universal Transport Cart you can carry heavy loads quickly and manoeuvrable, independent from existance of overhead cranes 

Universal Transport Carts usually do consist of a drive unit, which is equipped with forklift batteries, and a customer-specific configurated load pick up.
The load pick up usually is configurated as a flat table area onto which the load is deposited. Depending on the requirement to the Universal Transport Cart the table area is not or is equipped with a hydraulic lifting installation.

Universal Transport Carts which are loaded and offloaded by means of an overhead crane or similar equipment, usually do not have a lifting installation.

In case that the Universal Transport Cart needs to pick up the load by itself, because there is no loading- / offloading device at place  of loading / offloading, it has to be equipped with a lifting installation.
The Universal Transport Cart with its load pick up drives below the load and lifts the load hydraulically. After transport the load pick up is lowered again and the Universal Transport Cart is driven away from the load. For this loading procedure the heavy loads to be lifted are standing on specific built supporting frames, also called "pallets", which allow the Universal Transport Cart to drive below the load.   

To operate a Universal Transport Cart is very simple and the cart, due to its way of construction, is extremely manoeuvrable. It is driving on non-driven load wheels at the frontside below the load pick up plus the wide central steering- and drive wheel below the drive unit. The operator is walking behind the Universal Transport Cart and can steer the cart by means of the steering handle and can control the speed stepless. 
Optionally the cart also can be equipped with a radio control. All functions of the Universal Transport Cart can be controlled by the radio control and the operator always can choose for himself the position where he has the best possible overview to the working area.

Overview about the advantages of the Universal Transport Cart UTW: 

• Transport of the heavy load between buildings or areas within buildings
• Smallest possible need of space at biggest possible manoeuvrability
• Cart design adopted to the goods to be transported
• For weight of goods up to 100 tons and more
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