Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 - Industrial Movers

for Manoeuvring of all kind of Heavy Load Trailers

Push- / Pull Units PTT3 mainly are used for indoor moving of a lot of heavy loads by one or only a few carts.

The goods to be transported are available for transport either on so called load trailers or they have an own non-driven chassis with load wheels, like for example mobile machines do have.

The Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 is equipped with a mechanical quick coupling and with a hydraulic lifting unit. By means of this hydraulic lifting unit it lifts up the corresponding load trailer or non-driven chassis at its front end. This combination of non-driven load trailer / non-driven chassis with the Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 creates a stable so called 3-wheeler. In this combination the Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 builds the steerable driven axel. 

The Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 itself with its lifting unit has a lifting power for up to 3.000 kg. In combination with the non-driven load trailer / non-driven chassis and their type of construction as well as depending on the load distribution this makes a total load capacity of up to 15 - 30 tons. 

The Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 also is available without hydraulics and lifting unit, with a fix, permanent connection to the trailer by pivot bearing.

For customers, who intend to install their own coupling between Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 and the trailer, the Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 also is available without hydraulics and without pivot bearing.

The Push-/ Pull Units PTT3, also named heavy load electro movers or hand movers, are pedestrian tug units with extremely big push- / pull force, very well proven for pulling or pushing of all kinds of heavy loads, specially in very narrow places. All kinds of transport goods on load trailers of any kind can be connected to the PTT3 by the extremely stable quick coupling. Heavy goods on any kind of steel pallets or other pallets also can be moved by PTT3 in combination with available pallet truck attachment.

The electro movers PTT3 very often are used as shunting engines, shunting supports / shunting machines, freight movers, cargo movers, for transport of heavy load materials, heavy load components, heavy tools / heavy dies and heavy machines. You can still use them at narrow places, where usual fork lift trucks can not move any more by reason of missing space.

Our Hedin electro movers can be used at all industrial sectors, for example as indoor-movers / pulling units at machine building, at electrical industry, at textile industry, at building / equipping of containers, at flow production lines of very different heavy products and a lot of other branches.

As the electric push- / pull units PTT3 are regarded as pedestrian ground conveyors, they can be driven by any trained / instructed employee. There is no forklift driving license needed. By this reason the heavy load electro movers PTT3 can be used even more universally.         

Can the Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 be a solution also for your inhouse transports of heavy loads? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are interested to consult you regarding possible solutions.

If you will have questions regarding our Push- / Pull Unit PTT3, we will be at your disposal at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone:  +49 2156 419193
Fax:  +49 2156 4979325
Email:  info@seidel-handlingsysteme.de


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