Flow Production Lines

The Trend within Production of big Machines and Components

The principle of flow production comes out on top more and more, specially in case of big machines and components, and substitutes the former production at a single place.

In case of the flow production, contrary to the up to now mainly used method of production at a single place, the machine / system / product is not completely assembled at one station, to which all needed parts, components, tools and manpower are delivered. The product will be assembled step by step during several stations following each other.

This has a lot of logistic advantages. A stopp of assembly progress at machine to be built, caused by assembly problems or lack of material, will not cause any bigger non-productive interruption of work and will not block the complete place of assembly. In case of freely movable flow production transporters the blocked machine simply will be driven out of the flow production line and the flow production line can continue to work. 

By distribution of the assembly work on several stations, whereby several single production steps always are combined to be done at one single station, also the logistic supply of the workstations with needed components can be organised much more effective. Trips with forklift trucks and a lot of other movements can be reduced a lot.
The complete workflow of assembly is much more easy to be planned and in case of any problem arising, it will be possible to do corrections much faster.    

Last but not least in case of big numbers of units to be produced flow production is the much more effective method of production.

In case of flow production lines the machines / systems / products to be produced are driven to the single assembly stations by means of flow production transporters. This can be done rail-based as well as by freely steerable driven flow production transporters. 

The advantage of the freely steerable driven flow production transporters is that in case of use of them the organisation of the complete flow production line will be much more easy and much more flexible. Without bigger work it will be possible to integrate additional stations into the flow production line. Complete flow production lines can be modified regarding their direction on the floor without any expensive work for modifying rails in / on the concrete floor or other fix installations related to a rail system.

If a product to be assembled, by whatever reason, threatens to block the flow production, it simply will be driven out of the assembly station and the flow production line can continue to produce. After having fixed the problem the product taken out of the line before can be put back into the production flow at a later suitable point of time.

Flow production lines for example are used within production of big special transporters / trucks like mining trucks, dumpers, harvesters, but also for assembly of big components like windcraft nacelles, big gearboxes and a lot of others.

Details regarding the flow production transporters and flow production stations offered by us, like for example turning stations for integration into flow production lines, you will find on the corresponding subpages to this page. 

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