Coil Transport Cart CTW

with Pike, changeable Prism and long Lifting Stroke


Coil Transport Carts CTW with pike and changeable prism are the "universal ones" within the range of Coil Transport Carts.

They do have a pike as well as a changeable prism for picking up of coils and they do have due to their lifting mast a long lifting stroke.

Therefore these Coil Transport Carts CTW with pike and changeable prism are able to

• pick up a coil by putting the pike through the eye of the coil
• transport coils hanging on the pike
• pick up coils by the pike and to load them onto the change prism which they did put in front of the cart
• to pick up the changeable prism and to transport it to the destination (decoiler) 
• to load the coil, which is standing on the changeable prism, onto the decoiler
• to store the coil on the changeable prism, at the side of the decoiler, up to the time of planned use
• to offload with help of the lifted changeable prism not completely decoiled coils from the decoiler
• to offload completed coils from recoilers by using the changeable prism
• to transport completed coils to the place of dispatch by means of pike or changeable prism
• to place coils into the coil storage or to release coils from coil storage
• to supply coil loading tables of coil feeding lines with coils
• to do loading and offloading procedures at coil tilting tables  
• to transport coils at these areas where no end-to-end crane runway is available (for example for
  transport between single areas of a building or between buildings)

The maximum height of a Coil Transport Cart with pike and changeable prism is evaluated customer-specific. It is determined by the intended use as well as by the height of the coil storage to be used. The mast of the Coil Transport Cart is specified accordingly.

A big advantage of a Coil Transport Car CTW with pike and changeable prism is its extreme manoeuvrability. As it does transport the load between its front load wheels within the front legs and the rear drive wheel, and not in front of the cart, its chassis length is very short. This is possible because it does not need a counterweight. Therefore it can be used even at very narrow places with very small space only.

Coil Transport Carts CTW with pike and changeable prism are available up to 40 tons load capacity. erhältlich.

Please let us have your requirement regarding Coil Transport Cart CTW with pike and changeable prism and we will be prepared to provide you with an interesting offer.

If you will have questions regarding our Coil Transport Cart CTW with pike, we will be at your disposal for clarification at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us:    


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