Mould Opener for Plastic Injection Moulds

Safe and quick opening of even biggest plastic injection moulds for maintenance purpose

For maintenance / service / checking / repair of plastic injection moulds Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH offers to their customers a complete program of plastic injection mould openers, at all sizes and specially adopted to customers individual needs.

Our plastic injection mould openers, independent of their size, are installed above floor and do not need any pit. Also they are built extremely flat, so that the opened, and if the function is available in the single machine, also turned sidewards by 90°) halfs of the mould will be optimum accessable for the maintenance employees.

Our plastic injection mould openers are available in different types of construction, up to mould weights of 60 tons. Upon request also mould openers for moulds more heavy than 60 tons can be made.

The plastic injection mould openers are available as


•horizontally opening mould opener without turning function,
  basing on a welded construction with two clamping plates,
  one of them horizontally movable to open the mould

•horizontally opening mould opener with 90° turning function,
basing on a construction with two movable columns as well as
turnable clamping tables with clamping installation.
This version preliminary is used for very high mould weights.

•horizontally  opening mould opener with sidewards working
  turning function.
  First the mould will be opened by moving out the two clamping
  plates. Then, depending on the version, one or both clamping
  plates will be turned sidewards by 90°
  After this procedure, one or both inner surfaces of the mould
  are in vertical position and accessable from the same side.

As an option, each mould opener for plastic injection moulds can be equipped with a turret crane or with a gantry crane, so that during maintenance work at the mould parts to be exchanged can be picked up by crane and also new mould parts can be put in by crane. 

Type and load capacity of the crane to be used depend on size and weight of the parts to be exchanged.

As very often the production area and the maintenance area inside of the building are at different places, so that they do not have one common crane covering both areas, there is the possibility to equip the plastic injection mould opener with a gantry crane, which can carry the total weight of most heavy mould to be maintained.

In this case it is recommended to install at the head board of the plastic injection mould opener a "loading position", to which the moulds can be transported by a freely manoeuvrable battery-driven mould transport cart. Maintained moulds also can be picked up there again by the same mould transport cart.

Suitable mould transport carts as well as corresponding transport pallets with oil sump for flux oil dropping from the moulds we also can offer to you. 
By this way the plastic injection mould opener can be used autarkic, independent from availability of the overhead crane. The possibility to load by overhead crane, if there is one existing, always will be remaining.

Plastic injection mould openers always are produced customer-specific, as nearly each single company and each single mould has special requests regarding the mould opener.

The photos of examples on this page surely will give to you a small impression about the big number of produced plastic injection mould openers as well as regarding the existing potential for customer-specific adaptations. 

You are looking for a solution to open and to maintain your plastic injection moulds? Please contact us. We will be proud to elaborate for you a suitable solution. 

Please contact us by phone or email.

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